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Clipboard Master 2.7

Clipboard Master is an extension of the traditional Windows clipboard
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Clipboard Master is a clipboard extension that will let you overcome the limitations of the Windows clipboard, which can hold only one element at a time. In addition, it can help you create text snippets that can be accessed from any application.

Except for the settings window, this application has no graphical interface. It just lies hidden in the System Tray and most of the actions are available through keyboard shortcuts. The settings window will allow you to define what type of elements Clipboard Master should remember, such as text, images, files and folders. When this option is enabled, the program will monitor and store whatever you copy to the clipboard, and these elements will be available long after Windows clipboard has been cleared, even if the system is restarted. You can also set key combinations to access the different functions. However, those many keyboard shortcuts may definitely be hard to remember; in that case, you can always use a global shortcut to show the elements presently stored in the clipboard.

In addition to being a clipboard extension, Clipboard Master can also be used to help you increase your typing efficiency by storing frequently used text pieces. It also includes a tool to let you take screenshots and store them in a particular folder by just pressing a key.

In general, I will not argue that there are some circumstances in which Clipboard Master may be useful. However, an application that stores all the texts and images you copy to the clipboard may have some disadvantages. First, it may slow down your system; second, it definitely uses disk space to store all that; and finally, it may compromise your privacy.

Pedro Castro
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  • It is relatively easy to use
  • It can expand Windows clipboard
  • It holds clipboard elements permanently
  • It eases the process of taking snapshots
  • It helps you type faster
  • It is free


  • It may slow down your system
  • It definitely uses a lot of disk space
  • It may compromise your privacy
  • Some of the texts have not been translated from German
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