Clipboard Master

Clipboard Master 5.0

Augments Windows clipboard with additional features

Clipboard Master provides you with multiple solutions for managing your clipboard items and helps you boost up your productivity. With its help, you can get immediate access to the text content or files you copy to your clipboard and organize your clippings with just a few clicks.

The utility lives on your system tray from where you can access your recent clippings, check some of the sample texts (phrases you use when closing a letter, sending an acceptance email, etc.), etc. A good thing is that you can use various shortcut keys to paste content from your clipboard.

I think it would be difficult to some people, especially beginner computer users, to handle this program's multiple functions. I had to use the help manual from the homepage of the developer to learn the location of a certain built-in tool and see how it actually works.

Another annoying aspect is the fact that some of the built-in tools, like the Password Safe utility, don't work properly. Nothing happens when clicking over certain options or the integrated utilities don't even launch.

Taking into consideration the aforementioned issues, I think you should opt for a different tool, especially if you're looking for a simple to handle clipboard manager. This program has many features and built-in tools which might be overwhelming to beginner computer users.

Ashley Griggs
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Review summary


  • Provides you with many useful features
  • Lets you define a wide range of global hotkeys
  • Fast processing speed


  • Password Safe doesn't work properly
  • Some of the functions are a bit difficult to handle
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