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Clipboard Master is a clipboard application with dozens of additional features
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Clipboard Master is a clipboard application with dozens of features that makes a great replacement for a function that is particularly limited in Windows. The application works as a new clipboard and allows you to work with multiple items that you can paste in any application or, in the case of text, in any text field.

The application stands out for its flexibility and the use of several clipboards that you can employ according to your needs. After an initial setup where you need to specify the main shortcuts, the application will be ready to work from the system tray. Every time you copy an item using the context menu or the crtl+c combination, the application will automatically store it in its main clipboard. No matter if it's an image, a piece of text, a music file or video, a folder... you name it. In this clipboard window, items will appear in chronological order and you can edit them, remove, sort, and filter them as well.

Apart from the main clipboard, the program has a "fixed clipboard" where you can store those items that you need to have always at hand. To add items to the fixed clipboard you simply use a hotkey combination or even the drag and drop functionality.

Just like the main and the fixed clipboard, the application includes special clipboards for more specific purposes: to store mail and letters samples, passwords and login data, date and time, forms, etc. What is great is that you can completely personalize the application by adding your own clipboards and deleting or renaming the ones that come with the program by default.

As you can see, the application is flexible enough and lets you modify just about everything; from the whole set of hotkey combinations to the level of transparency of its interface. What surprises even more is that the application is completely free, so I would absolutely recommend it to those looking for a new, feature-rich clipboard app.

Mariel Rearte
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