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Clipboard Master 3.2

This app widely improves the functionality of the standard Windows clipboard
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This is a free yet powerful app that widely improves the functionality of the standard Windows clipboard. With Clipboard Master installed on your PC, you can store multiple elements and paste any of them into your documents or forms at any time. Moreover, the program includes several predefined lists with common elements ready to be pasted, as well as many quality functions and features.

One of those interesting features is the fixed clipboard, which allows you to create a list with your most commonly used words or phrases, so that you can paste them directly without copying them to your clipboard first. Besides, as I stated before, the program already includes similar predefined lists of elements, with such items as special characters, HTML common expressions, the current date, your first and last names, letters, common expressions, and others, all ready to use. Unfortunately, some of these collections are available only in German, as the program was originally coded in this language and some features still need translating.

Clipboard Master offers even more powerful and interesting features. For example, it is capable of capturing screenshots; translating texts among English, German, French and Spanish; solving math expressions; converting texts into upper/lower case, and performing automatic text searches using Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Amazon, EBay, and Wikipedia, among others. The program allows you to fully customize all these functions, including the keyboard shortcuts that go with them. You can also create rules to allow you to, for example, deactivate the program for specific applications.

In a nutshell, Clipboard Master is a powerful application which main function is allowing you to store and reuse the latest items that you sent to your clipboard, though it also includes various other extra functions and features.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Allows you to keep multiple elements in your clipboard
  • Includes several predefined lists of common elements ready to be pasted
  • Allows you to create your own list of commonly used words or phrases
  • Capable of capturing screenshots
  • Can translate texts
  • Solves math expressions


  • May become hard to use for novice users
  • Some of its options are available only in German
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