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Clipboard Master 4.0

It's a powerful multi-clipboard for text, images, files, and much more
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In spite of being completely free, Clipboard Master is also one of the most powerful and feature-rich clipboard management tools that you can get your hands on.
Clipboard Master features a multi-clipboard that allows for storing and re-using previously copied entries, of up to 10,000 entries. This extends remarkably the functionality of the clipboard, making it more practical and more effective. This powerful clipboard enhancer can handle the usual text snippets, as well as images, files, and even folders.

Another remarkable benefit offered by this application is the fact that it provides a handy list of text templates, which contain salutations, greetings, special characters, and even HTML code. These text snippets can be easily pasted into any application, just like any other clipboard entry. Furthermore, you can create and store your own text templates.

Anyway, Clipboard Master actually offers an impressive plethora of additional features, such as a screenshot taking tool, an integrated password safe, support for hotkeys and flexi-keys, etc.

Cutting a long story short, with Clipboard Master you won’t get disappointed even if you set your expectations pretty high. This tool is capable of performing a lot of tasks besides enhancing the functionality of the Windows’ default clipboard. And let’s not forget, it’s also completely free.

Margie Smeer
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  • Free
  • Supports customizable text templates
  • Includes a screenshot tool and a password safe


  • Its easiness of use could be a little bit improved - its many functions can make it a bit complicated especially to beginners
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